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Outpost Locations

Share your beautiful or resource-optimal locations for building outposts.
To keep things standardized to a degree, let's implement the format along the lines of: A picture showcasing the beautiful landscape: Description: System: Planet: Moon (If Applicable): Biome: Resources: Additional Photos: Any additional ideas?
This is by far the best outpost location I have come across for early game. It's got everything you need to start building, as well as a good setup for crafting XP to your hearts desire. I was able to scale up the outpost within 15 mins, and was able to reach level 100 in under an hour of grinding crafting with the help of a macro on PC of course. It takes a few minutes to located the spot on the map, but it's worth it! System: Bessel Planet: Bessel III Moon: Bessel III-b Biome: 3 - Mountains, Hills, Desert Resources: Aluminum, Cobalt, Iron, Nickel, Water Found this awesome video on YouTube which is the perfect guide for this.
Codos is worth checking out if you go to coast areas, you can find some islands that are the perfect size for an outpost. You should be able to build a ship pad on the water too. System: Cheyenne Planet: Akila Moon: Codos Biome: Coast Resources: Water, iron, and aluminum with some flora. You can also find argon, beryllium chlorine, and fauna. Credits to u/LordThys for screenshots.
Sumati has blue trees and, a foresty vibe. System: Narion Planet: Sumati Biome: Coniferous Forest Area Resources: Planet resources are Chlorine, Chlorosilanes, Copper, Fluorine, Lead, and Tetrafluorides Water, but this one is for the visuals!
Andraphon is among Starfield's best starter outpost locations simply due to the overlapping of several valuable resources, making it easy to harvest minerals. The location shown in the screenshot below, you will be able to find ALL 5 resources! System: Narion Planet: Sumati Moon: Andraphon Biome: Not sure Resources: Helium-3, Aluminum, Iron, Beryllium, Europium Credits to u/cmisanthropy for screenshots.