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Ship Designs

Share your ship designs with the community!
Main Image of Ship Description This is an example article of a ship design. The aim is to make posts more uniform and easier to read. If you have any input, please share! Ship Stats (Text or Image Cropped) Instructions/Pictures/Video To Build Provide detailed instruction on building the ship.
This ship design is the epitome of aesthetics and functionality – a true masterpiece!
Normandy is actually pretty simple even though it looks complicated. Most important thing on Normandy is the landing gear. It's really up to you how you do it but if you want to retain the similar shape than you're going to need to use the same parts. I used a 'Stronghold' as the donor ship and the under main hull landing gear was included in that. Kept the same reactor and grav. Now one thing about this is that I used a 2x1 unit here so if I upgrade that to a 2x2 at some point I'll probably have to move the landing gear around and maybe lose that lower hab. Not sure if it'll land without the last one after adding the mass of larger reactor/hab. Built this before I discovered the Narwhal and it's amazing reactor/grav. So for the side...
Base for Serenity was the Narwhal from Taiyo Astroengineering on Neon. You don't need that but it does come with the really nice grav drive I put in the back and the highest power generator I've found. It will require 4 in both ship engineering and piloting to fly though so if you don't have that then you what you have. If you only have 2x1 instead of 2x2 reactor/grav then I'd put them on the third level and then just do 2 2x1 habs on the second and more cargo space on the back. As you can tell not a ton of cargo space on this but there are some free spots to add more and could always replace some habs with cargo units at the loss of mobility. The habs are completely interchangeable, use whatever you want. I went with Stroud since that...
credits to u/ballisticshark
Build Guide: Building Tips & Notes: Building this is EXPENSIVE. The ship cost says 640k, but that's also with my Commerce perk maxed out. I highly recommend either waiting until you have 700-800k saved up, or swap the engines for Nova 1050s (Will save you ~120k, but mobility drops to 80). All cosmetics can be purchased from an Outpost Ship Lander w/ Builder. The Bridge can be purchased from the Tech in New Homestead (Titan, Sol System) 90% of my active modules were bought from the Stroud-Eklund Manufacturer in Neon. Some modules are only accessible via The Crimson Fleet (Comspike, Conduction Grid, Jammer, and 10ST Shielded(?)) The weapons are my personal preference the keep combat engaging and have a fun mixup. The PBs...