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Trophies awarded to VozValden

  1. 15

    Steam Astronaut

    Awarded for linking your Steam username to your profile. Prepare for a Steam-powered adventure in the stars!
  2. 15

    Xbox Explorer

    Awarded for adding your Xbox Gamertag to your profile. Your Xbox journey through the cosmos is about to get more social!
  3. 15

    PlayStation Pioneer

    Awarded for linking your PSN Username to your profile. Let's conquer new galaxies together on PlayStation!
  4. 25

    Fortified Explorer

    Awarded for securing your account with two-factor authentication. A safe astronaut is a smart astronaut!
  5. 15

    Galactic Selfie

    Awarded for uploading your first avatar. Show the universe who you are!
  6. 10

    First Contact!

    Awarded for posting your first message.