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  1. VozValden

    Starfield Legendary Weapon Effects Explained!

    Thanks to UncleMumble for the awesome in-depth research and explanations of all the legendary weapon effects. List of Legendary Effects: Anti-Personnel Bashing Berserker Cornered Disassembler Extended Magazine Exterminator - 30% damage to aliens Furious Instigating Oxygenated - Half 02...
  2. VozValden

    Starfield Cantina's MUST HAVE MODS [Vanilla Experience]

    Updated to v2. Additions: StarUI HUD Compact Ship Builder UI Compact Mission UI
  3. VozValden

    Plans for mods when Creation Kit is released

    Oh boy, do I have some ideas for when the creation kit is released. But top priotity is to add a new location, The Cantina! It will be a tribute to this community, hence the name, and inspired by the one and only Mos Eisley Cantina.
  4. VozValden

    Starfield Cantina's MUST HAVE MODS [Vanilla Experience]

    I will be keep this list up to date as time goes on, but I thought I would put together a list of must have mods, that are all compatible with each other and add value to the game, which will eliminate the need to scour the nexus for mods. The intent is not to include any crazy game changing...
  5. VozValden

    Absolute Best Early Game Outpost

    This is by far the best outpost location I have come across for early game. It's got everything you need to start building, as well as a good setup for crafting XP to your hearts desire. I was able to scale up the outpost within 15 mins, and was able to reach level 100 in under an hour of...
  6. VozValden

    The PERFECT Ship Design

    This ship design is the epitome of aesthetics and functionality – a true masterpiece!
  7. VozValden


    Normandy is actually pretty simple even though it looks complicated. Most important thing on Normandy is the landing gear. It's really up to you how you do it but if you want to retain the similar shape than you're going to need to use the same parts. I used a 'Stronghold' as the donor ship and...
  8. VozValden


    Base for Serenity was the Narwhal from Taiyo Astroengineering on Neon. You don't need that but it does come with the really nice grav drive I put in the back and the highest power generator I've found. It will require 4 in both ship engineering and piloting to fly though so if you don't have...
  9. VozValden

    Space Lamborghini

    credits to u/ballisticshark
  10. VozValden

    Constellation Cruiser

    Build Guide: Building Tips & Notes: Building this is EXPENSIVE. The ship cost says 640k, but that's also with my Commerce perk maxed out. I highly recommend either waiting until you have 700-800k saved up, or swap the engines for Nova 1050s (Will save you ~120k, but mobility drops...
  11. VozValden

    Example Ship - Guide To Posting A Ship

    Main Image of Ship Description This is an example article of a ship design. The aim is to make posts more uniform and easier to read. If you have any input, please share! Ship Stats (Text or Image Cropped) Instructions/Pictures/Video To Build Provide detailed instruction on building the ship.
  12. VozValden

    Island Paradise

    Codos is worth checking out if you go to coast areas, you can find some islands that are the perfect size for an outpost. You should be able to build a ship pad on the water too. System: Cheyenne Planet: Akila Moon: Codos Biome: Coast Resources: Water, iron, and aluminum with some flora. You...
  13. VozValden

    Beautiful Blue Forest

    Sumati has blue trees and, a foresty vibe. System: Narion Planet: Sumati Biome: Coniferous Forest Area Resources: Planet resources are Chlorine, Chlorosilanes, Copper, Fluorine, Lead, and Tetrafluorides Water, but this one is for the visuals!
  14. VozValden

    Chatting in the Cantina!

    📣 Exciting News for Our Community! Introducing the brand new LIVE chat feature! 🎉 We're thrilled to announce that we've integrated a state-of-the-art chat box plugin to enhance your experience on our forum. Now, not only can you share, discuss, and connect through posts, but you can also...
  15. VozValden

    Amazing Early Game Outpost

    Andraphon is among Starfield's best starter outpost locations simply due to the overlapping of several valuable resources, making it easy to harvest minerals. The location shown in the screenshot below, you will be able to find ALL 5 resources! System: Narion Planet: Sumati Moon: Andraphon...
  16. VozValden

    Share Amazing Places To Build Outposts

    To keep things standardized to a degree, let's implement the format along the lines of: A picture showcasing the beautiful landscape: Description: System: Planet: Moon (If Applicable): Biome: Resources: Additional Photos: Any additional ideas?
  17. VozValden


    If you're new to the game and curious about the first ship you'll be piloting, let me introduce you to the Frontier. It's more than just a starter ship; it's a versatile platform for your space-faring adventures. Basics and Where to Get Usually, you'd get new ships from star yards or...
  18. VozValden


    Looking for an epic early-game ship and spacesuit in Starfield? You've got to check out the MANTIS quest. Not only will you get a legendary ship and suit with killer stats, but the quest itself is a wild ride. Here's how you can find it and what to expect. Heads up, spoilers ahead! Finding the...
  19. VozValden


    You are rewarded the Razorleaf ship after completing the quest Secret Outpost! Class A ship Crew: 2 Fuel: 148 Hull: 469 Cargo: 967, shielded capacity: 160
  20. VozValden

    Megalist of Tips and Tricks

    1. The scanner highlights lootable items. 2. When lock-picking, if you rotate a key, then switch to a different one (Using LB + RB), the first one will stay in the position you left it. This is helpful for figuring out which keys to utilize. 2.1 HERE is a helpful video guide to lock-picking...