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If you're new to the game and curious about the first ship you'll be piloting, let me introduce you to the Frontier. It's more than just a starter ship; it's a versatile platform for your space-faring adventures.

Basics and Where to Get

Usually, you'd get new ships from star yards or spaceports at a hefty price. But the Frontier is unique as it's one of the first ships you get your hands on. You can also upgrade and customize it with special Starfield components for a fee.

Key Stats

- Starting mass: 359
- Credit value: 59,100

Heller calls it a relic, and it shows. The Frontier has NASA-punk components that wear their history proudly. It's a solid all-rounder, making it a good choice for newcomers.

Frontier's In-Game Stats

- Ship class: A
- Reactor power: 14
- Crew capacity: 2
- Gravity jump distance: 16 LY
- Shield: 310
- Laser weapon strength: 6
- Ballistic weapon strength: 13
- Missile weapon strength: 47
- Particle beam weapons: None

Hull and Shield

Your ship's hull, displayed as a white bar at the bottom-right corner when flying, determines its durability. The Frontier boasts a hull value of 366. While you can repair the hull in and out of combat, upgrading your shield generator can offer more resilience.

Cargo Capacity

One stat you'll want to focus on is the cargo capacity. The Frontier starts with a generous 450, crucial for carrying outpost components, completing research projects, and crafting mods. You can also expand this capacity by installing extra ship components.

So there you have it, all you need to know about the Frontier. Considering its well-rounded stats and room for upgrades, it's not just a starter ship; it's your first step towards conquering the cosmos.

Safe travels, Commanders! 🚀
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