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Looking for an epic early-game ship and spacesuit in Starfield? You've got to check out the MANTIS quest. Not only will you get a legendary ship and suit with killer stats, but the quest itself is a wild ride. Here's how you can find it and what to expect. Heads up, spoilers ahead!

Finding the MANTIS Quest

There's no set location to start this quest. Most of us discovered it by looting dead "spacers" (Starfield's bandits). You might also find it while doing other quests or just exploring. Keep an eye out for a datapad titled "Secret Outpost!" Once you find it, you're good to go.

Tackling the Lair of the Mantis

You'll want to be between levels 10-15 for this quest. The lair has tight corridors, great for stealth, and you'll have the high ground for most of the fight. As you explore, loot all bodies and listen to an intercom message from the Mantis herself.

Puzzle Solution

Eventually, you'll hit a floor puzzle with eight rows of letters. The hint to solving this is in one of Leo's audio journals mentioning the phrase "sic semper tyrannis." Walk across the letters spelling "T-Y-R-A-N-N-I-S" to make it through safely.

Sweet Loot

Beat a few more robots, and you'll reach the rewards: the Razorleaf ship and the Mantis spacesuit, helmet, and boostpack. The ship has shielded cargo space, which is rare. But it seats only two and has a 19 light-year jump range.

The Mantis Secret

So, what's the deal with MANTIS? You inherit this legacy from a guy named Leon, who got it from his mom, the original Mantis. Think of her as a Space-Batman. Leon failed her challenges and died, but you? You're worthy of the Mantis mantle. In fact, some enemy ships might even flee from you now!

So there you have it. Go give this quest a try and let's keep the legend of the Mantis alive! 🎮

Happy gaming!