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Starfield Cantina's MUST HAVE MODS [Vanilla Experience]


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I will be keep this list up to date as time goes on, but I thought I would put together a list of must have mods, that are all compatible with each other and add value to the game, which will eliminate the need to scour the nexus for mods. The intent is not to include any crazy game changing mods.

If you are using Vortex, which you should, here is the collection. You can add it and it will download everything for you.

StarUI Inventory <- Click to goto Nexus​

Improves all inventory screens. Compact display style. More details in sortable columns. Item category icons. Category as left sidebar. Many quality of life features!

Undelayed Menus

This mod's goal is to significantly improve the user experience by enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency of in-game menus.

Enhanced Player Healthbar

This mod dynamically changes the player's healthbar color at 75%, 50% and 25%.

Cleanfield - A No-Intro Videos and Clean Menu Fix

No Epilepsy & Seizure Warning, No Bethesda Logo Video, No Bethesda Logo, No Message of the Day (Optional), No Starfield Logo (Optional).


StarUI HUD gives you full control over most HUD widgets and provides an updated loot list and better item cards with DPS and V/W. Resize, move, recolour or disable most of the HUD widgets. The loot list can show additional columns like V/W (sort-able) and show you the item card for hovered items!

Compact Ship Builder UI

Modifies the ship builder menu so more items can be seen at once. Increases viewable items by 33%.

Compact Mission UI

Modifies the mission menu so more items can be seen at once. Increases viewable items by 50%.
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